Mommy Separation Anxiety: How To Alleviate YOUR Worries About Daycare

When you are a first-time parent, you worry about everything. That is totally normal. When you have to leave your baby or toddler in daycare for the first time, you may have an entirely new set of worries, and this is also normal. However, someone telling you that it will be all right, and actually feeling it yourself, are two separate things. Here is how you can alleviate your own worries about daycare and your baby.

Do Your Research Thoroughly

Before enrolling your baby in a daycare program, do your research thoroughly. You will find that you are less anxious about this situation when you know that your child is in excellent hands. A daycare that is very popular and has received awards and high praise with no troubling incidents in its history is one that will protect your child, teach your child, and care for your child when you cannot.

Check in with the Daycare as Often as You Need To

Daycare staff know that first-time moms will worry themselves into a frenzy. That is why the best daycares encourage moms (and dads!) to check in as often as they feel the need to do so. Ask the staff what the best times of the day are to call regarding your child's progress so that you are not interrupting feeding times or play times, and your calls will be well-received. After some time, you may find that you can back off and begin to relax about where your child is and what he/she is doing or how he/she is doing. Staff usually expect this to happen as well.

Enroll in a Daycare That Has Webcam Monitoring

Some higher-end daycares have webcam monitoring. While these daycares are a little more expensive, they do allow you to open special links on their websites where you can view your child's classroom. The added bonus is that staff know you can check in via webcam at any time and therefore staff are always on their best behavior in the event that parents are watching.

Some parents find this feature very comforting while others might be more distracted by watching their child at play. If you are not near a computer for most of your day, then this might be a good option for those times when you can check in via webcam and see what your baby is up to. You may also find that it is not worth the added expense because eventually your nerves will settle down and you will not need to check in quite as often.

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