Looking For Professional Child Care During The Day? How To Tell If It’s Safe

If you are getting ready to have your child start using professional child care during the day, one concern may be if the facility is safe. It will be your first time leaving your child with other people, and knowing that nothing bad will happen to them during the day will be a top priority. Here are some signs that the child care facility you're looking into is safe.

Front Door Security

Every child care facility is going to be run a bit differently, but it starts with security at the front door. Are parents allowed to walk into the building without any supervision, or are there safeguards in place to prevent that from happening? It may be as simple as having parents use a key to get into the building, either a physical key or a passcode. There can also be someone at a front desk that greets parents and stops unfamiliar faces from entering. Having some form of security at the front door is key, and take note of those places that allow you to just walk in unsupervised.

Pick Up Policy

The childcare facility should have a system in place to determine who is allowed to pick up your child. You may not be the one picking them up every single day, which can raise questions about how they know who is allowed to take your child home. Check to find out if there is an existing system in place. It's common for child care facilities to have you provide a list of adults who are allowed to pick up a child, and requiring that you supply photo identification for each person. If there is ever a question about the identity of the person picking up a child, they can check their records.

Outdoor Play Area Security

Outdoor playtime will be a requirement of any child care facility following your state's rules. However, the requirement for the safety of the outdoor play area is not always that strict. You'll want to look for a child care facility that has an outdoor area that's completely fenced off. This will not only prevent other people from getting into the play area during time outdoors but will prevent a kid from sneaking away. With there being many more kids out there than adults, it is easy to lose track of someone if they slip out through a gap in the fence. It's better to not have this be an option to worry about.

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