Are You Going Back To The Office? 4 Questions To Ask When You Look For An After School Child Care Program

After working from home for several months, you may have encountered a few challenges with going back to the office. While you'll be in an environment that helps you to focus on your job, you still have your family's needs to consider. After school child care programs are an asset to working parents who need someone to look after their kids between the time that school ends and family time begins. Now that you know you'll need after school care, you can ask these four questions to make sure that a program fits your needs.

What Is the Child-Staff Ratio?

Your child needs quality supervision during the time that you are at work, which is the primary reason why many families look for child care. Unfortunately, some programs might be understaffed, which makes it harder to keep kids safe. Ideally, there should be around one adult to every 15 kids, but the ratio recommendations may vary depending upon where you live. Having extra people supervising the program helps to keep behavior problems and injuries down.

How Do They Address Individual Needs?

After a long school day, children are often tired, hungry, or simply need time alone. Find out how the program transitions them into the second part of their day. For instance, you might hear that they offer quiet zones with books and other relaxing toys for kids who want to relax for a few minutes before going off to play. There might also be a snack time to ensure that kids don't go hours without eating.

Do They Offer Homework Help?

The majority of after school programs are meant to give kids a fun opportunity to play with their peers while they're parents are finishing up work. However, they may also offer homework assistance to the kids who need it. Having your child get started on their homework before they come home opens up your evenings. Many students also find it helpful to do their homework with other kids who are learning similar lessons. 

What Other Types of Activities Do Kids Do?

Your child might have lots of energy to burn off after school. Find out if the program you are looking at has a playground or offers outdoor activities. Arts and crafts, science experiments, and other educational activities may also be offered to keep kids busy and entertained. When a child care program offers a diverse range of activities, children are more likely to look forward to their after school time.