Keeping Your Kids Safe

Own A Daycare? 2 Tips On Helping The Pre-School Aged Children Learn To Love Writing

As soon as children get old enough, they love to grab a crayon and start scribbling on paper. Even though these scribbles look messy to you, they are actually the start of learning to write. Below are some steps on how you can build on this and help the children with their writing. Set Up a Writing Center You likely have many toys in your daycare that the children love to play with. Read More 

Tips For Finding Affordable Child Care As A Single Parent

If you are a single parent, you likely know the stress of having to make sure that you are on-time for work and that your child is being taken care of. You want to be sure that you don't put your child in jeopardy but you also cannot lose your job because you need to provide food and other items for your child and yourself. Here are some tips for finding affordable childcare as a single parent. Read More 

Mommy Separation Anxiety: How To Alleviate YOUR Worries About Daycare

When you are a first-time parent, you worry about everything. That is totally normal. When you have to leave your baby or toddler in daycare for the first time, you may have an entirely new set of worries, and this is also normal. However, someone telling you that it will be all right, and actually feeling it yourself, are two separate things. Here is how you can alleviate your own worries about daycare and your baby. Read More